Stop and think


This semester, I’m taking a critical thinking class, and even though it’s only been two weeks, I’ve already learned a lot. It’s reminded me to stop and think about things more, and it’s super awesome.

So, first of all, my teacher was talking about how people use “dishonest language” all the time. You know, those words and sentences that could be taken about a million different ways (Not literally 😉 ) and let people skate through situations, because no one can actually figure out what it is they have to say. We avoid questions and answer in the most roundabout ways. Also, we’ll say that we aren’t something and then straight away just explain why we are (“I’m not a jerk, but…”). We twist up language in the strangest ways, if you actually stop and think about it.

He also was talking to us about how in arguments, people get extremely illogical and are just cramming on the gas towards each other when what really needs to happen is that they need to put the brakes on what’s going on and actually think about it. We’ll get in these huge, dumb arguments with the people we love, and then we realize a while later that we haven’t talked for three days because we, say, didn’t agree about what to eat for dinner. Arguments can escalate so quickly if we don’t pay attention.

There were a few other really cool things that he’s talked about, and I think it’s incredible what happens when I stop and consider things, rather than just blasting straight forward without paying much attention to other options and the “why” of things and how they are. I’m looking forward to what else I’ll be able to pull out of this class and apply in my life. I never was a very thoughtful person (Especially as a kid, and a bit better in the past two years or so, but still nope), and life opens up a lot when we use that incredible skill that we have.

So yeah. I found thinking, and it’s pretty neat 😛

Talk to you soon,



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Hi! :D I love books, dragons, fluffy things, and doing cool stuff ^^ Talking to people is awesome. There's more about me in my "Who runs this thing" tab on my blog :)
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