Epic movies are epic


Recently, I’ve been watching more epic movies, and it’s awesome. A while ago, I watched Braveheart for the first time, and wow, that movie is AWESOME. Then, last week, I watched Last of the Mohicans, which was another emotionally gripping movie, and then last night, I watched Troy, which was just an awesome movie for intense battles and stuff like that, but not as emotional (At least not for me). It’s super cool what watching big, epic movies can do.

I always get really inspired when I watch a good movie. It makes me want to write more, and focus on being clear in conveying my ideas. I want to be able to write a story that’s descriptively beautiful, emotionally gripping, inspiring, and memorable. Epic movies provide ideas to build on, and just an overall heart-swelling property that just makes me excited and inspired, and it’s a wonderful feeling. I love sitting there after a movie when all I can say is “Wow…” (In a good way πŸ˜› Sometimes movies make you say “Wow” in a baaaaaad way.).

One of my dreams is to have at least one of my books get turned into a movie while I’m still alive. I suppose I need to finish one first πŸ˜‰ Anyways, sometimes when I’m listening to music, I imagine it as a background to a trailer for my book as a movie. What would the characters be doing? What scenes would get chosen? It’s exciting to imagine my book converted to the screen.

Not only do epic movies inspire me for writing, but they inspire me to general life as well. Usually, I come away wanting adventure (Which also makes me want to exercise and make me get healthier. You can’t have much of an adventure if you can’t actually DO anything). I want to explore and meet people and see incredible things. I want to help people and work on being a better person in general. It’s awesome and I love it.

Good storytelling is a powerful thing. I truly hope that my books will be considered good storytelling when I’m done with them.

Talk to you soon,



About Roo

Hi! :D I love books, dragons, fluffy things, and doing cool stuff ^^ Talking to people is awesome. There's more about me in my "Who runs this thing" tab on my blog :)
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2 Responses to Epic movies are epic

  1. In my opinion, if you stayed inspired by epic movies and believe you could write a book that gets turned inot a movie , that is exactly what is going to happen.
    In addition, reading this post I noticed alot of passion wich is great. Keep on and I would love to read or your book and help you through it with ideas and opinions

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