I’m a story hopper. Meaning, essentially, that when I hit a hard patch in a story, I usually tend to go do other story fluff to get over it. Which rarely works (It has sometimes!!!). Which is why I’ve never actually finished anything. Well…I came close, but it was crappy.


I’m also the kind of person that talks. A lot. (Well, hah. I’m quiet at first. For a long while at first, actually. But the longer you know me, the more I talk.) Especially about my stories. Seriously. If you get me started, I probably won’t stop until I have to.

I was really tired with my main novel (Zenodominus: The Shadow Queen. I’ll be abbreviating it to TSQ for the rest of…forever. Its actual title is a lot of letters 😛 ). I’m on the millionth revision and just…blech. I was burnt out, like, crazy-bad, and while I was still in love with all of my weird characters, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell their story.

Then my friend was talking to me about something he read from some author. The author had been talking about how he writes to tell a story, so he doesn’t tell anyone anything about his novel until its done. That way, the story is fresh and new and he has to finish it to have anyone hear it.

Then is clicked 😀

I had talked about TSQ so much that I felt like everything that needed to be said had been. I was super excited for, say, the second, third (fourth, fifth…) books that no one knew about (And my other random stories that I never told anyone about). Honestly, though, I’ve changed it up so much that I doubt anyone actually knows what’s going on at the moment, but I personally felt just…done.

This time around, I’ve changed some parts to fix up some gaping plots holes (You could totally fit, like, 100 godzillas through some of them), and the story, while still holding the basic “shape”, has changed quite a bit. I’m not going to tell anyone what’s going on until its written.

55584124I love to share, though, so that might be hard. I’ve decided that once in a great while (So, like, a few days for me) I can share something liiiiitttle, but it has to be written already. I can’t talk about stuff coming up. Maybe a short excerpt every week in a NaNoWriMo update or something like that might be fun. I’m not sure yet. Maybe I’ll be good and not have to 😉

Anyways, I decided that it’s about time for me to finish TSQ. It’s been somewhere close to 6 1/2 years with these characters, and even longer with the world (Though it’s all pretty unrecognizable from the original…mostly. Kind of.). That’s ridiculously too long.

TONDqWith lots of thought and stuff like that, I decided that TSQ is my NaNoWriMo 2015 novel. I’m excited. I’m satisfied with my decision. The other two novels that I mentioned last week will get written someday, but they aren’t 6 1/2 years old yet 😛 (I think my current characters were made in May of 2009…it’s funny that I’m slowly catching them in age…they used to be so much older than me! D: Now they’re, like…not as much. Well, my Elf is…I’m only counting humans here 😉 ).

Well. That was a super long post 😀

I hope everyone has a delightful weekend (And next week 😀 )

Talk to you soon,


P.S. Here is my NaNo profile, if anyone cares:

I’ll be updating the synopsis and such closer to November. Also, I’ll probably make a page on this blog for TSQ…don’t bet on it, though…I might not 😮


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