Happy Friday! :D


Yay Friday!

I forgot that Zootopia came out today until, like, Tuesday. Then I remembered and I was happy 😀 So I get to go see it later ^^ So fun!

I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about being re-inspired creatively…mostly because that’s a really big thing happening right now, which is great. Although I suppose by “recently” I mean only the last two Friday posts…because I’ve been skipping Friday posts 😐 So not too much, I guess?

Anyways, like I talked about a little bit last week, book things are going phenomenally. It’s so fantastic. I’ll probably be able to start writing actual readable (“readable”…can’t say much for quality 😉 ) text pretty soon, so yay for that!

It really helps to figure out the series instead of one book at a time, which is what I was trying before. If you do it individually, book by book, it’s kind of (really) hard to keep track of how character progression is supposed to go, foreshadowing, and linking everything together…you know, all the fun and important parts 😉 With planning out the general course of everything all at once, I feel like I have a much better handle on how things are going to happen, which makes me a lot more confident with expanding outline to chapter overviews to actual novel.

So exciting 😀

Maybe just for me, but that’s all right 😛

In other news, I feel like this year is going to be really challenging in the best way. Last year was a huge year of emotional and spiritual growth for me, and I feel like it was just prepping me for this year, in a way 😛

I definitely have felt challenged to change some of the way I’ve been acting and treating other people, which is hard, but also good. I’ve also been trying to make reading the Bible a top priority every day, and instead of just reading it and checking it off of a list, actually stopping and focusing and trying to make sure I understand (At least a little bit more) what I read. It’s helped to keep a journal and make sure to pick out at least one verse that I learned a lot from or that impacted me during my reading. It’s really awesome to learn more about all the promises God has made us and just how huge His grace and love is. Absolutely phenomenal stuff there.

Way more exciting than writing 😀 😀

Talk to you soon, and have a fantastic weekend!



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