Marvel Comics or DC Comics?







Rival companies bring rival fans (although some people like both), but which is your favorite? This is my entirely honest opinion on the matter ^^ It’s just opinion! I don’t want to offend anyone or anything, and I’d love to hear your opinions too :]

I grew up mostly with Marvel, so I’ve been pretty biased up until recently. Captain America, Thing, and Beast were favorites ever since I was little, and my walls are covered in Marvel-related posters and signs. I own about two or three things concerning DC, and that’s it.

Both sides have good characters, but, even with my recent research into DC, I find that Marvel’s characters seem more, eh, full of personality? Their ‘secret identities’ seem more fleshed out, but maybe that’s just me :]
If someone asked “Is Marvel or DC better?” I would say Marvel without hesitation. I would stand by that belief unless they said something absolutely profound that made me think again. However, this isn’t to say DC has some good characters in their cast. My five favorites (in order) are Rorschach/Walter Kovacs, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Robin/(Not sure which)and then tied for 4th are Green Arrow/Oliver Queen and Flash/(Not sure which one). Oh yeah, and Alfred. He’s the best! ^.^
Marvel, on the other hand, I have so many favorites that listing them would take an entire post. There’s Captain America, Deadpool, Thing, Beast, Iron Man, Spidey, Wolverine, just to name a few :]

We have Deadpool,

But they have Rorschach!

No. We have Deadpool AND Hell Cow

Deadpool wins this one


I love that Hell-Cow picture…

Ahem! Moving on…right.
Avengers V.S. Justice League is currently a question I hear quite a bit, especially since The Avengers came out only a little while ago.

Avengers (Movie Group)

Avengers seems more…well…realistic. If a group of people who had never met came together, there would be personality clashes. Especially with Tony Stark in there. They argue, have big fights amongst themselves, but come back and work together when it’s necessary.

Justice League (Why does Aquaman have a beard?) I couldn’t find a good picture ><

Justice League comes together and instantly love each other, not having initial personality fights. Hrm. Do not like.

I’ll take Avengers in a heartbeat.


Lets compare some more favorite characters of mine ^^

This time, Captain America and Batman

Captain America

Or Batman?

Both overcome fears and don’t easily give up. Captain America won’t give up, he’s strong, loyal, honest, and old fashioned. He struggles with finding a place in the new, modern world and fights with moving on from his past. Batman is intelligent, brave, fast, strong, and…well, he can fly. That’s pretty cool. He, too, struggles to move on from his past, and face an entire city of villains either alone or with Robin. He’s fairly alone in his world. Except Alfred. He’s awesome. These two heroes are both well rounded characters, both as Captain America and Batman and as Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne.
Personally, Captain America is my favorite, but Batman’s my favorite DC hero.

And don’t forget:

Now for Villains. Both companies have created some pretty good, well known, well written villains. The Joker, Lizard, Bane, Carnage, The Riddler, Magneto…you get the picture. They both have a full cast of supervillains ranging from crazy, to creepy, to just plain awesome. It’s hard to compare without going character to character, so I’d call this part a (somewhat unfair to DC, overly biased in favor of Marvel) tie.

Overall, even with my newfound love for Batman, I will still stand by my love for Marvel. Perhaps with more research this may change, but perhaps it may not. We shall see :] I’ll probably be redoing this post when I have more information on the DC side of the argument, since I’m rather biased at the moment.

I’d love to hear your opinions and comments! Which is your favorite company?

Talk to you soon!


All pictures/characters (c) their respective owners ^^


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